Contractor Score Express Update
First-time scores or those not wishing to use the Express Update will have to follow the instructions at "Getting a Score"

An optional, speedier process is available to update your future Contractor Scores. It will require you to grant permission to Contractor Score LLC to temporarily and securely retain some of your information. If you have not ever completed the form below, you will need to do so and follow the instructions at "Getting a Score" just this once.

Future updates will be as simple as clicking REPLY to a scheduled reminder e-mail that comes to you. You will then attach three PDF documents, hit SEND and you are done.

Here’s how it works

Complete and submit the form below.

The contact of record will receive an Express Update reminder e-mail on the schedule selected.

Hit REPLY to this reminder e-mail (your specific company identification code will be in the subject line)

Attach 3 PDF documents: 
  • Your most recent internal YTD P&L and Balance Sheet - accrual basis
  • Your most recent work-in-process report
  • Your most recent line of credit bank agreement. If you do not have a LOC, skip this step.

Include any optional message you wish in the e-mail body, including if you wish to discontinue the Express Update renewals.

Upon receiving your documents, Contractor Score will generate the updated score and return the updated certificate to your contact of record via e-mail, usually the next business day. You will need to process the fee separately as today's credit card security forbids us retaining your card details.

Your three submitted update documents will be destroyed 30 days after your new score is processed. Your year-end financial statement or year-end IRS tax return and your bank LOC agreement (if you have one) will be securely saved on off-line hard-drives until they expire or are updated as needed.

Remember, Contractor Score does not share scores unless they are made public by you. It will be your responsibility to pass on the updated PDF certificate to whomever you wish.

How often do you want to receive an update reminder e-mail?  You would only be charged if you actually do update.
Permission is granted to Contractor Score LLC to maintain our most recent fiscal year-end financial information and bank LOC agreement for the purpose of updating our Contractor Score. Box must be checked to continue.
Company Name
Contact of Record
Contact's E-Mail

You will need to purchase a Contractor Score for all Express Updates on the Purchase page.
Every Two Months
Every Four Months